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Offering Jewels from Karakoram

Gilgit-Baltistan is at the confluence of three world famous mountain ranges - Himalayas, Hindukash, and Karakoram - which hide inexhaustible mass of gems and minerals in their depths. While gems and precious stones mined from these areas find their way into the markets around the world, but mostly in raw form. This deprives the local communities as well as the country from getting a fair share in gems business.

 Keeping this in view, KADO with its partners, which includes Rupani Foundation and AKRSP, established a Gems Cutting and Polishing Center (GCPC) in Hunza where local youth - both women and men- are being trained in the art of cutting, polishing of precious and semi precious stones and gems and jewellery making in order to optimise the benefit for the local communities.
KADO is also actively engaged in awareness raising and lobbying activities to increase value addition in this sector.

Hand-made Jewellery  ||  Gems and Handicraft Blended Products  || Gemstones Cutting and Polishing

Hand-made Jewellery   

Jewelries always manage to stay in fashion and catch everyone’s attention. Our artisans have developed the capacity to offer various types of jewelry like beaded jewelry, silver jewelry, jewelry, gemstone jewelry with ruby and sapphire, lacquer jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry and other ranges.

You can create your own jewellery -- choose the right gemstones and we will set it in your favourite earrings, rings, bracelets and other items. Our gemstone jewellery sparkles with deep brilliant colour. Each beautiful gem we use in hand selected for colour, clarity, and brilliance. Stones: can be set with various kinds of nature stones, such as ruby, aquamarine, topaz, quartz, garnet and others.

Gems and Handicraft Blended Products

The long experience of KADO in handicraft sector has enabled us to develop products blend of gems and handicrafts having a good appeal and demand in national market.

Gemstones Cutting and Polishing

A beautifully cut gemstone makes them highly prized and incredibly alluring. The artisans have developed quality and precision in cutting and polishing the skill to cut gemstones which not only look breathtaking, but they can also sooth your soul.

Skills Development

The main purpose of the centre is to produce skilled and technical experts in Gems and Jewellery in order to facilitate the value chain of the sector there by increasing the potential to develop the Gems and Jewellery sector.

By the end of 2008, the Center produced 40 (30 women, 10 men) trained people in gems cutting and polishing. From the opening of the centre an initial breakthrough is witnessed in order to benefit local people socially and economically.
Presently, the center offers trainings in Gems Cutting and Polishing, Jewellery Making, Carving and Gemmology

Future Interventions

The gems industry in the region is very loosely structured (the value chain is not developed and knitted properly) as a formal industry in the first place and the capacities at each level also lacks to make any significant economic impact in the region. KADO thus plans to work in gems sector as a whole including mining, extraction and quarry, processing and value addition, marketing and diversification.

KADO is facilitating to form Gems & Mineral Association, Hunza in order to formalise this sector and also lobby for the ownership of local communities in mining.
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