• KADO provides high quality Gems Faceting & Jewelry Development trainings to marginalized youth in GB.
  • KADO strives to empower marginalized segments of society specially females through ICT skills training in remote mountainous areas of GB.
  • KADO is dedicated to build the capacity of remote rural communities, local institutions and leaders for sustainable peace, prosperity and wellbeing in GB.
  • KADO celebrates World Environment Day every year in Hunza Valley.
  • Students from leading national & international universities frequently visit KADO's projects.
  • KADO has received many national and international awards.
  • KADO provides Skill Therapy & Rehabilitation Services for Special Persons (Persons with Disabilities).
  • Speaker GB legislative assembly, Minister for Tourism, Sports & Youth Affairs-GB and Force Commander FCNA-GB visited KADO's projects.

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The history of KADO begins in 1996 from Hunza Valley with a handicraft project to help disadvantaged people and in a short span of time it expanded in scope, scale, impact and programmatic dimensions in the whole province of Gilgit-Baltistan..

KADO, over a period of a decade, implemented diverse projects and developed successful models in Handicraft, Environment, Rehabilitation of Special People, ICT4D, Gems and Jewellery Development, Art and Culture, Knowledge Management, E-Governance, Micro-health Insurance, Agri-trading, Institutional Development and fostering Public Private Partnerships

KADO is dedicated to promote entrepreneurship, economic growth and value added products in order to reduce poverty and marginality of women, special people and other disadvantaged segments of the society.

Gems and Jewelery

The highly trained and skilled artisans at Gems and Jewellery center offer services in Gems Cutting, Polishing and a wide range of hand made Jewellery items.


In the lap of the Karakoram, the hands of women artisans and special people transform indigenous motifs and designs into unique and quality practical accessories of modern time, gift items and souvenirs.


The ICT4D Project offers unique opportunities for organizations, business and companies to promote market their websites and products through e-marketing tools.

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